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Alternatives to milk for calcium

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth.
Due to ntro hacking of the refrigerator, it is not possible to store milkbags and curd in the refrigerator
Though they are fairly expensive all the milkbag and curds are getting wasted, once they are opened.
Tetrapak milk is one alternative. Most of the tetrapak milk is available only in one liter packaging, so a person cannot finish all the milk at one time.
Hence after the tetrapak milk is used once, in many cases, it has to be discarded.
Tetrapak buttermilk is one option for a person who requires calcium from dairy products, since these cost Rs 10-12
Though the security agencies are hysterically make up fake stories for icecream purchase, the reality is that due to ntro hacking, the domain investor is only purchasing icecream for calcium, since it is frozen milk