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People purchasing milk bags are always stalking the domain investor

The domain investor had purchased the domain because it was a keyword domain and had a good DA .
She has found that it is very difficult to sell any text link advertising on the domain, so she has been desperately trying to sell the domain.,
However though the well paid raw/cbi employees are leading lavish lifestyles having staycations in expensive 5 star hotels with daily room rent of Rs 7000 these cheater raw/cbi employees like haryana human monster ruchita kinge refuse to purchase the domain legally, continue their extortion racket to fake domain ownership and get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is facing great losses
Additionally these government employees are always harassing the domain investor, sending people to purchase milk bags from the local retailer whenever she goes shopping for groceries.Usually they purchase Amul milk, though sometimes they purchase Gokul
Due to government slavery, financial fraud, the domain investor does not have the time to boil and drink milk, so she does not usually purchase milk bags.