Milkbag stalking continues in panaji

This domain milkbag was available for registration for many hours, if anyone worldwide wanted to register the domain, they could easily do so paying the registrar the market price. The domain investor had also not developed the domain for nearly two years, so that anyone interested could pay the market price and get the domain legally transferred to their name. There are thousands of domain investors worldwide who register domains and flip them.
Instead in a clear indication of the worsening business conditions in India, and misplaced priorities of the local intelligence and security agencies, the domain investor is being stalked repeatedly whenever she will go to any store which is selling milkbags
The security agency employees will send their associate to the store and he will purchase one or two milkbags from the store. This has continued for many months now, indicating how much harassment the domain investor faces when she leaves home.
The domain investor is extremely overworked and is regularly subjected to human rights abuses in panaji, so has almost no free time yet the local security agency employees are extremely selfish when they expect the domain investor to create high quality content for the domain, so that the raw/cbi employees like riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar can falsely claim credit

Due to NTRO hacking, refrigerator malfunctioning and many milkbags get wasted

In addition to torturing while taking driving lessons, hacking the smartphone and lighting system, NTRO is also allegedly hacking the home appliances especially the refrigerator in one of the homes, where the domain investor is spending time,
The freezer of the refrigerator in panaji, goa is becoming very cold, and the rest of the fridge is not getting cooled at all
Hence the milkbags which are kept in the refrigerator are getting spoilt due to lack of cooling and money is wasted.
Each milk bag is costing between Rs 21 to Rs 25 depending on the brand, so the money is getting wasted.
Senior citizens find it difficult to go daily to get a milk bag, they prefer to purchase for a few days, yet now their money is wasted.

Pasteurized milk gets spoiled quickly

While it is advisable to drink milk, one of the major problems faced is that the milk is getting spoiled very quickly after it is boiled
If the milk is not consumed within three or four hours after it is boiled, it can get spoiled in summer
usually the person drinking the milk does not realize that the milk is spoiled.
Only later after drinking the milk they get a stomach ache, they realize that the milk was responsible
In some cases, milk related problems can also cause insomnia.
Hence a person who cannot drink milk, has to find other sources for calcium and protein

Recycling used milkbags

The milkbags in most cities are dumped in landfills increasing the space required, However in large indian cities, the local scrap dealer is usually purchasing the milk packets which are then recycled to make plastic products or other plastic packaging, In some countries plastic bags are recycled to make craft and crochet items, which are waterproof and can be easily washed. However this can be a very time consuming process. Some time ago, the media reported that school children were being paid for the empty plastic milk bags that they were collecting depending on the number or weight of the plastic milk bags

Companies supplying milk bags and collecting empty milk bags can contact for a free listing on the website for reference, send email to

Home delivery of milk bags

Some people like the panaji school dropout cbi employe gujju housewife naina chandan, who looks like sneha wagh and is getting a monthly cbi salary for FALSELY CLAIMING to own this domain, are having a person home deliver milk bags since the government is paying her a monthly salary for her BANKING FRAUD on the domain investor
The person will usually charge a monthly fee for the delivery of the milk bag.
This is a good option for people who do not travel a lot and regularly use the same amount of milk.
For people who travel regularly, home delivery can be a waste, because the milk bags will get spoiled if they are not heated within a specific period of time and remain unrefrigerated.

Lassi, spiced buttermilk for those who are lactose intolerant

Milk can get spoiled quickly, if it is not consumed immediately after drinking it
This is major problem during summer
The person who drinks the spoiled milk will get a severe stomach ache in some cases
So if milk packets are not available, buttermilk is the best option
The fat content in buttermilk is lower and calcium content is usually higher

Disposing empty milk packets

While the milk bags are fairly effective in ensuring that the milk does not leak, disposing these milk bags, can be a major challenge

Like most plastic waste, milk bags are not biodegradable and can block drains and waterways, resulting in flooding and similar problems. There are some people who are using milk bags for crafting purposes, however in India, these people are limited in number as cleaning the milk bag can be a major challenge after emptying it of all the milk.

Due to high fat content, the oily fat in the milk tends to adhere to the surface of the milk bag, making it difficult to clean it completely with conventional detergents

Milk packets or milk bags

Realizing the hazards that are involved in purchasing unpackaged milk, increasingly people are purchasing milk bags, pouches with pasteurized milk, which is processed by dairies with specialized equipment after following to the quality guidelines. The milk is classified depending on the fat content of the milk, toned milk usually has a lower fat content while whole milk has a higher fat content and is used for making ice cream, butter, ghee . Tone milk is usually cheaper than whole fat milk for most major dairy brands in india.

Usually 500 ml and 1000 ml milk bags are available in the market. Compared to other plastic used for packaging, the milk bags used for milk have a thicker grade of plastic as even a small pinhole can result in the leakage and wastage of the milk.

While purchasing a milk bag it is advisable to check whether the milk bag is leaking , because all the milk can leak away, even if there is a very small hole in the milk bag.

Unpackaged milk

In cities like Mumbai where there are a large number of cowsheds, the milk collected is often resold by doodhwalas who go from house to house supplying the milk. Though this very convenient for some, it may be risky as the milk seller may be adulterating the milk adversely affecting the quality of the milk. While adding water is the simplest way of adulterating the milk, there are other more dangerous additives that may be added to the milk like chemicals, lime which can become a health hazard.

The milk sellers are aware of the fact that most retail customers do not have the technology and money to test the quality of the milk which they are getting

Milk sources

Milk is a good source of protein, calcium and other nutrients, so it is highly recommended that people of all ages include it in their daily diet. Though milk of goats and some other animals is also edible, usually most people are drinking cow and buffalo milk.

Earlier most cows were milked manually however with advances in technology, automatic milking machines are used in large dairy farms. Small farmers with only a few cows continue to milk their cows manually.

The milk collected from the cows and buffaloes is either used directly or processed by the milk dairies