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Buffalo milk price increases

Due to the increase in the price of cattle feed and other expenses the price of buffalo milk will be increasing to Rs 92-94 /liter according to media reports from Rs 87
The cost of milking buffaloes is also higher compared to cows
The buffaloes are larger in size.
Cow milk is comparatively cheaper usually costing less than Rs 60 per liter.

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Most milk brands have increased their prices in the last one year

Usually the milk price is fairly stable, yet in the last one year, most of the major milk sellers in India like Amul, Mother Dairy, Gokul, have announced a major increase in their price.
Some of the reasons for the increase in price are
– increase cost of cattle feed
– increased expenses of farmers
– increase in transportation expenses.

Goa dairy reduces milk packet size to 450 ml for rs 20

Realizing that many people want the cheapest milk packet, Goa Dairy has reduced the price of the milk packets to Rs 20 after reducing the amount of milk in the packet to 450 ml
Usually most of milk producers are supplying milk packets with 500 ml and 1000 ml milk
Amul is the cheapest milk supplier for 500 ml packets, pricing them at Rs 22.
So as a marketing strategy the milk packets of size 450 ml were allegedly introduced. Most of the shops in panaji do not have them in stock.

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