500 ml milk should be used immediately after boiling it

Most milk packets are available in 500 ml size plastic packets, though a few one liter packets are available
500 ml milk is not a very large amount.
So ideally it should be used immediately after boiling it.
If the milk is kept overnight, it will get spoiled.
A large amount of milk is wasted because it is getting spoiled.
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Milk at retailers with limited sales is more likely to get spoiled.

Though people require milk daily, it is not possible for everyone to collect the milk in the morning, especially if they use the internet.
So some citizens are purchasing from retail stores.
Though these retail stores have freezers and coolers, if the sales are less, the milk will remain for a few days.
The customer may keep the milk in the refrigerator for some time, and then when the milk is heated, it immediately gets spoiled. So all the milk costing Rs 25 is effectively wasted.

Goa dairy cold gold milk not easily available.

Earlier in April, May 2020, the goa dairy cold gold milk costing Rs 22 for 500 ml for easily available.
However,in the last few months the milk is not stocked by some retailers in panaji, goa
There may be a quality problem due to which the milk is not stocked.
They are only stocking the green 500 ml milk packets from Goa Dairy costing Rs 25

Milk availability varies in retail stores

One of the main problems faced while purchasing milk is that the availability of milk in some retail stores will vary.
There are sometimes, when there is no milk in the store at all.
Since there are only a limited number of retailers selling fresh milk in the area this is not convenient.
Hence citizens are forced to stock a large amount of milk at home due to these milk shortages.

Even milk seller in panaji, forced not to sell milk to domain investor

Only a few stores are selling milk, so it is inconvenient to go to the stores
Some of the milk sellers are only temporary for a few hours
They only have milk crates which they take away
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Milk gets spoiled quickly in april

With the temperatures in april increasing above 33 degree centigrade, shade temperature in panaji, goa, milk gets spoiled very quickly in april.
If it is not reheated within a few hours, the milk gets spoiled completely.
In some cases the water is separating from the milk after it gets spoiled
Drinking the spoiled milk can cause major health problems, especially for senior citizens, who get stomach aches
So milk bags should be purchased only based on consumption

Goa dairy increases price of cold gold milk to Rs 22

The cold gold milk from goa dairy was one of cheapest milk available in panaji, goa priced at Rs 20 for 500 ml
However, in 2020, all the milk companies have increased their prices significantly
Goa dairy also increased the price of 500 ml of milk to Rs 22
Now this is the cheapest milk which is available in goa, and it is not always available at the retailers. In comparison, warana milk is more easily available.

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Price of Warana milk increase to Rs 24 for 500 ml

Till december 2019, the price of warana milk was Rs 21 for 500 ml for many months
In January 2020 , the price of warana milk increased to Rs 23 for the same 500 ml pack.
It appears that prices of essential items are increasing rapidly in 2020, and in February 2020, the price has increased further to Rs 24 for 500 ml
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Domain investor molested while purchasing milk, yoghurt in panaji, goa

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