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Desi Gir cow fresh a2 milk

According to,
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A2 milk
Desi gir indian cow
increases immunity
prevents obsesity
improves memory
detoxifies body

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Good morning milk advertising extensively on marathi TV channels

Good morning milk is advertising extensively on all marathi TV channels
The actress shilpa shetty who is one of the most popular actress for a wide range of consumer products on television is the model for the TV advertisements
There are different variants of the milk which are available
The milk is not available in panaji
The product and brand is from the Ketu Group according to the television advertisements
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Amul milk ads have reduced

During the covid-19 lockdown, the sales for most consumer brands had reduced to a great extent.
Only milk sales continued, and Amul was the major advertiser on television channels, showing a large number of advertisements
However, after the lockdown was removed , other companies are making a good profit and also advertising extensively.
So the number of Amul ads has reduced.
Some of the amul ads were quite irritating
The TV channels may have increased their advertising rates after the lockdown was removed.

Mother dairy also increases milk prices

After the price increase of Amul, Mother dairy also increases milk prices by a similar amount.
The Hindi TV channels carried the news, since Mother dairy milk is widely available in north india
In western india, especially goa, almost no one is selling mother dairy milk, though icecream is sometimes available.
The other milk brands like Warana, Goa dairy have not yet increased their prices in the last few months.

Too much advertising on television may have led to Amul price increase

Though Amul is the top brand in dairy products, it is spending a large amount on advertising on television and print media
Any person is aware that companies which spend a large amount of advertising are finally going to make the consumer pay for the advertising
The prices of almost all items have increased, and the milk price increase is an additional burden
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Amul milk price increase news carried extensively in mainstream media especially hindi news channels

Amul is one of the biggest advertisers on mainstream media, though they do not advertise on small websites like this one.
So the news of the price increase in Amul milk by two rupees was carried extensively in the mainstream media especially the hindi news channels
There are many other brands selling milk and milk products few are advertising on TV or newspapers
It would be interesting to find out if others have also increased their prices

Customer overcharging while purchasing 500 ml Govind toned milk bag

Due to the lockdown in goa, the domain investor decided to purchase milk. The price of Govind toned milk , 500 ml milk bag is less than other brands.
For the packets which were available, the MRP price was not printed properly, only the top part was clearly visible.
The domain investor read the price as Rs 23, yet one of the store staff incorrectly told the price was Rs 25
The young woman said that the price is Rs 23, yet she charged Rs 25
On Swiggy, the price in Pune for Govind toned milk , 500 ml milk bag is listed as Rs 22
So due to the cheating attempt, instead of purchasing two milk bags, the domain investor decided to purchase only one milk bag.
Milk manufacturers should print their MRP clearly to avoid cheating of customers by retailers

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Using stolen memory provided by goa government muslim woman purchases toned milk worth Rs 50 from Punjab Sind Foods

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