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Due to NTRO hacking, refrigerator malfunctioning and many milkbags get wasted

In addition to torturing while taking driving lessons, hacking the smartphone and lighting system, NTRO is also allegedly hacking the home appliances especially the refrigerator in one of the homes, where the domain investor is spending time,
The freezer of the refrigerator in panaji, goa is becoming very cold, and the rest of the fridge is not getting cooled at all
Hence the milkbags which are kept in the refrigerator are getting spoilt due to lack of cooling and money is wasted.
Each milk bag is costing between Rs 21 to Rs 25 depending on the brand, so the money is getting wasted.
Senior citizens find it difficult to go daily to get a milk bag, they prefer to purchase for a few days, yet now their money is wasted.