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Milkbag stalking continues in panaji

This domain milkbag was available for registration for many hours, if anyone worldwide wanted to register the domain, they could easily do so paying the registrar the market price. The domain investor had also not developed the domain for nearly two years, so that anyone interested could pay the market price and get the domain legally transferred to their name. There are thousands of domain investors worldwide who register domains and flip them.
Instead in a clear indication of the worsening business conditions in India, and misplaced priorities of the local intelligence and security agencies, the domain investor is being stalked repeatedly whenever she will go to any store which is selling milkbags
The security agency employees will send their associate to the store and he will purchase one or two milkbags from the store. This has continued for many months now, indicating how much harassment the domain investor faces when she leaves home.
The domain investor is extremely overworked and is regularly subjected to human rights abuses in panaji, so has almost no free time yet the local security agency employees are extremely selfish when they expect the domain investor to create high quality content for the domain, so that the raw/cbi employees like riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar can falsely claim credit