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WhatsApp Plus Updated 2022 – Download for Android

WhatsApp GB Plus is an app for Android devices (smartphones and tablets) that allows changes (themes, colors, features) to WhatsApp users. But that doesn’t mean it’s an add-on app. WhatsApp Plus is a modified alternative of the world’s largest online messenger. Thus, the application can replace WhatsApp on any device, or whoever prefers to keep the original can share it, that is, it allows the user to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

WhatsApp Plus is an alternative version of WhatsApp or Mod, it was created in 2012 right after the creation of Ogwhatsapp. The app is also known as WhatsApp Blue. Yes, the Plus version was one of the forerunners in the segment of official WhatsApp mods and many still haven’t dropped it.

GB WhatsApp Plus, as well as other mods, has many features that the official messenger does not yet have, such as the possibility to apply themes or colors to your app. It is also known as WhatsApp Blue, as its icon has the color that distinguishes it from the official version.