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GB WhatsApp (GBWA) or GBWhatsapp 2022 is a modified version of the official version of WhatsApp. The app is the most popular WhatsApp mod today. But what would MODS be? The acronym refers to mods i.e. GB Whatsapp apk is a modded WhatsApp with additional features like themes, extra privacy features, unique emoji packs and other customizations. If WhatsApp Messenger is already good, its GB version is even more perfect.

How to install WhatsApp GB?
To install the app, just click Download to download WhatsApp GB from our website and start the installation like any other APK app.

Before installing the updated GB WhatsApp on some devices, you need to enable the Unknown Sources feature. To enable the feature, the user needs to click Settings >>> Security >>> Unknown Sources.

Download updated and secure GBWhatsApp
Those who have been using GBWhatsapp for some time cannot go back to the official version of WhatsApp. But why? The answer is simple, the user is in love with the features of GBs. And staying without update is not possible. That’s why at OGWhats Brasil we always release app mod updates as soon as the developers release them. Yes, we were the first and our apps are safe.

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Amul increases price of milk packets

Amul milk bags were one of the cheapest milk bags.
However in the last few months inflation rates have been very high, so they are increasing their price again.
The increase in rates were published in the newspaper, the price has increased by Rs 1 or more
The price of amul taaza, 500 ml has increased from Rs 25 to Rs 26

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